Yue Buqun (岳不羣): The leader of Huashan sect and of its Qi faction, he had the nickname, The Gentleman Sword (君子劍). However, he gradually reveals himself to actually be a narrow-minded, selfish, and power-hungry hypocrite. Extremely dogmatic, he lacked creativity and taught his students strictly and rigidly. Though pretending to help the Lin family out of benevolence, he secretly desired the Lin'sBixie Sword Manual and managed to get possession of it. Towards the end, he castrated himself in order to learn the skill and was eventually killed by Yi Lin. Though many within the alliance admired him for his apparent scholarly and gentlemanly behavior, [[Feng Qingyang and Ren Woxing, who recognized his hypocrisy, looked upon him with contempt. Before learning the Bixie Swordplay, he was already an extremely powerful martial arts exponent by using the famous internal energy skill ‘Violet Mist Divine Skill’(紫霞神功) which was only passed on from masters of the Huashan Sect to their successors.

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