Wang Chuyi was the fourth master of the Quanzhen Sect in The Legend of the Condor Heroes and is based off a real historical figure.

Martial Arts[]

Wang Chuyi's martial arts are considered the second-best in the Seven Masters of the Quanzhen Sect, only behind Eternal Spring Qiu Chuji. His Taoist title is the Jade Sun. He once stood on a windy cliff for several hours for a bet. As a result, his foot has become as strong as iron.

Meeting Guo Jing[]

Wang Chuyi rescues Guo Jing from Yang Kang's Nine Yin White Bone Claw in the Duel for a Maiden. He also holds off Peng Lianhu, Liang Ziweng and Lingzi Shangren when they attack him to protect the prince.

Yang Kang later invites him and Guo Jing to attend an assembly of martial artists in his father Wanyan Honglie's mansion. Wang Chuyi refuses to work for Jin and saves Guo Jing from the other martial artists when they want to capture him for what he did in Mongolia. However, he is poisoned by Lingzi Shangren in a sneak attack.

Protecting the Yang Family[]

Despite being poisoned, Wang Chuyi, alongside his brothers Ma Yu and Qiu Chuji help the Yang Family escape from Wanyan Honglie. He fights Wanyan Honglie's man but is shot in the leg by an arrow, injuring him.

Fight with Huang Yaoshi[]

After being tricked by Qiu Qianzhang (posing of Qiu Qianren) into believing that Huang Yaoshi had killed their shishu Zhou Botong, the Quanzhen Seven (including Wang Chuyi) fight Huang Yaoshi to even footing. However, Ouyang Feng ambushes the Quanzhen Seven and kills Tan Chudan and heaps the blame on Huang Yaoshi. He then attempts to attack Huang Yaoshi but Mei Chaofeng manages to take the blow for her master. Seeing this, Ouyang Feng flees.