The Seven Freaks of Jiangnan were seven martial artists who roamed the Jianghu (martial arts community).

They made their name at battle of the Yangtze River against the Huaiyang Gang where the Seven were said to have fought over a hundred name, notably Seventh Sister, Han Xiaoying was a child who killed two enemies at the time.

Meeting with Qui Chuji

They are first seen when Reverend Jiaomu requests their reinforcement in meeting Qiu Chuji, who accuses him of hiding Li Ping (Guo Xiaotian's wife) held hostage by Duan Tiande, which the Priest has relentlessly tailed to Fahua Temple near Jiaxing. After a display of martial skills between Qiu Chuji & the seven Freaks, negotiations seemed to fall through where the Taoist Priest decided to storm the Temple & look for Li Ping himself. The Seven Freaks fought Qui Chuji, injuring one another during the battle. Duan Tiande took advantage of the situation to escape with Li Ping & ended up killing Reverend Jiaomu, confirming Qui Chuji's suspicions.

After healing their injuries, still unsatified with the results of their previous bouts, Qiu Chuji proposed a challenge: to find the pregnant wives of both Guo Xiaotian & Yang Tiexin, train the children in their respective martial arts & have the students duel in 18 years at the Drunken Immortal Pavillion to test their true prowess in the martial ways.

The Seven were taskes tracing down Li Ping since they could identify her (having nothing to go on with the identity of Bao Xirou). After 6 years, the Seven Freaks traced Li Ping's whereabouts to the north in Mongolia where they finally met their fated student, Guo Jing.


Ke Zhen'e

"Flying Bat" Ke Zhen'e is the oldest of the seven. Despite being blind, he is highly skilled in staff fighting and dart-throwing, has great hearing, fighting people at night and is the strongest of the seven. His brother, Ke Bixie was killed by the 'Twin Killers of the Dark Wind'. He was also short-tempered, especially if he thought others looked down on him due to his blindness.

He was the only one Freak that survived the attack on Peach Blossom Island by Ouyang Feng & Yang Kang. Lead to believe that Huang Yaoshi was the one responsible for the death of his Siblings, he create further confusion in the Wulin by looking for vengeance. It is not until later hiding in the Temple of the Iron Spear with Huang Rong that he finally finds out that Ouyang Feng & Yang Kang were the ones behind the massacre of his family.

Later, he lives with the Guos on Peach Blossom Island and is respected as an elder in the family. Despite holding a grudge against Yang Guo's father for the deaths of his fellows, he treats the boy like the rest of the Guo children. Years later, he relates the story of Yang Kang to Yang Guo at the Temple of the Iron Spear. He admires Yang Guo for his chivalry, and is also grateful to Yang for saving his life from Sha Tongtian and company. He forgives Yang Guo's father and promises to help Yang reconstruct his father's tomb.

Zhu Cong

"The Marvelous-Handed Scholar" Zhu Cong is the second, & most intelligent of the seven. He is good at acupuncture and fan fighting, and also specializes in thieving and pickpocketing being able to steal from even the most skilled of enemies. Relies on cunning & speed in fighting his opponents.

First mentioned walking past Wanyan Honglie & pickpocketing his money before meeting the rest of the Freaks at the Drunken Immortal Pavillion.

He was killed by Ouyang Feng on Peach Blossom Island.

Han Baoju

Nicknamed "Horse Deity", Han Baoju specializes in horse-riding and whip fighting. He was killed by Yang Kang using the Nine Yin White Bone Claw.

Nan Xiren

Nan Xiren, nicknamed "Southern Hill Woodcutter", is a shy individual who rarely talks. He is good at palm and pole fighting and is incredibly strong. He was killed by Ouyang Feng's snake.

Zhang Asheng

"Laughing Buddha" Zhang Asheng is a fat and strong man. He was slain by Chen Xuanfeng when trying to shield Han Xiaoying.

Quan Jinfa

"Hidden Hero in the Busy City" Quan Jinfa is skilled in Maths. He also specializes in spear and lance. He was slain by Ouyang Feng and Yang Kang.

Han Xiaoying

"Yue Maiden Sword" Han Xiaoying is the youngest of the Seven, lover of Zhang Asheng and is skilled in sword style Sword of the Yue Maiden. She was slain by Ouyang Feng and Yang Kang