White Horse Neighs in the Western Wind also translated as "Swordswoman Riding West on White Horse" is the first wuxia novella by Jin Yong (Louis Cha). It was serialised in the Hong Kong newspaper Ming Pao between 16th October 1961 and 10th January 1962.

Plot Edit

The story follows a young Han girl named Li Wenxiu whose parents are killed by the bandit Chen Dahai in his pursuit of a secret map to the Gaochang Labyrinth and the mythical treasures that lie within it. Placed on a white horse, Li Wenxiu escapes the massacre and ends up in the northwest region of Tian Shan where she is cared for by an elderly Han know only as Old Man Ji. There she becomes romantically involved with a local Kazakh boy named Supu but his father forbids the relationship and they go their separate ways.

Years later, Li Wenxiu returns to the Gobi Desert and meets an injured old hermit called Hua Hui. She nurses him to health and in return, he teaches her martial arts. Afterwards, she returns to her home in the northwest only to discover that Supu and his new lover are taking refuge in her old house. Not long after that, Chen Dahai appears having tracked Li Wenxiu to the northwest in the hope of finding the map which her parents once possessed. He finally finds the map but there is nothing on it but when he injures one of them, their blood spills onto it and reveals the location to the Gaochang Labyrinth. Having not wishing to face her former lover, Li Wenxiu disguises herself as an old man and defeats Chen Dahai but the latter escapes with his bandits and Supu's lover and they head straight for the Labyrinth.

Li Wenxiu and Supu pursue them into the labyrinth where the map's profound secret is revealed and where a supernatural figure appears to be stalking the old ruins and killing the intruders in a mysterious fashion. Finally, the characters are forced into a showdown, another important secret is unveiled, and Li Wenxiu is forced to make a difficult decision.

Characters Edit

  • Li Wenxiu
  • Hua Hui, "Makes Jiangnan Tremble with One Finger" is an old hermit who teaches Li Wenxiu martial arts.
  • Chen Dahai is the leader of the bandits who killed Li Wenxiu's parents.
  • Old Man Ji, later known as Ma Jiajun is the elderly Han man who cares for Li Wenxiu when she is orphaned.
  • Li San is Li Wenxiu's father
  • Shangguan Hong is Li Wenxiu's mother
  • Supu is Li Wenxiu's childhood friend and eventual forbidden lover.
  • Aman is a young Kazakh woman who becomes Supu's new lover.
  • "Three Heroes of Lüliang"
    • Huo Yuanlong, the "Divine Saber Trembles Guanxi"
    • Shi Zhongjun, the "Plum Blossom Spear"
    • Ding Tong, the "Two Headed Snake"
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