Sword of the Yue Maiden is a short wuxia story written by Jin Yong and serialized in Ming Pao between 1st January 1970 and 31st January 1970. It is Jin Yong's final work of wuxia.

Plot Edit

Set over two thousand years ago in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, more commonly known as the Spring and Autumn Period, the story revolves around rival swordsmen from the states of Wu and Yue and a young shepherdess named A'qing who developed an exquisite style of sword-fighting whilst training against a white gibbon.

When Fan Li of the Yue Kingdom sees A'qing defeating some of Wu's best swordsmen, he beseeches her to train the inferior fighters of Yue so that they can finally prevail over their rivals. She agrees but also falls in love with Fan Li.

Seeing the effectiveness of her sword style, King Goujian of Yue orders his entire army to study it so that he might avenge the years of humiliation he endured as a prisoner of King Fuchai of Wu. With this peerless style of sword-fighting, the Yue defeat the Wu but the victory sets about a series of events that spell heartbreak for the powerful A'qing.

Characters Edit

  • A'qing is the lonely shepherdess who earns the title of Yuenü or the Yue Maiden from the King of Yue.
  • Fan Li is a loyal subject of Yue and responsible for A'qing's recruitment as the Yue sword-master.
  • Fuchai is the King of Wu who defeated and humiliated the Yue as revenge for the death of his father at the Battle of Zuili.
  • Goujian is the King of Yue who was captured and forced to act as a servant to Fuchai for three years before he was freed.
  • Xi Shi is the beautiful lover of Fan Li who A'qing comes to hate.
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