English Sword Stained with Royal Blood

Crimson Sabre

Traditional Chinese 碧血劍
Simplified Chinese 碧血剑
pinyin Bi Xue Jian
Vietnamese Bích Huyết Kiếm

Sword Stained with Royal Blood was Wuxia Writer Jin Yong's second novel. Written in 1956, it was originally published in the Hong Kong Commercial Daily newspaper.



In the 3rd edition of the novel, there are twenty chapters, which are listed below listed Simplified Chinese.

  1. 第一回 危邦行蜀道 乱世坏长城
  2. 第二回 恩仇同患难 死生见交情
  3. 第三回 经年亲剑铗 长日对楸枰
  4. 第四回 矫矫金蛇剑 翩翩美少年
  5. 第五回 山幽花寂寂 水秀草青青
  6. 第六回 逾墙搂处子 结阵困郎君
  7. 第七回 破阵缘秘笈 藏珍有遗图
  8. 第八回 易寒强敌胆 难解女儿心
  9. 第九回 双姝拚巨赌 一使解深怨
  10. 第十回 不传传百变 无敌敌千招
  11. 第十一回 慷慨同仇日 间关百战时
  12. 第十二回 王母桃中药 头陀席上珍
  13. 第十三回 挥椎师博浪 毁炮挫哥舒
  14. 第十四回 剑光崇政殿 烛影昭阳宫
  15. 第十五回 纤纤出铁手 矫矫舞金蛇
  16. 第十六回 石冈凝冷月 铁手拂晓风
  17. 第十七回 青衿心上意 彩笔画中人
  18. 第十八回 朱颜罹宝剑 黑甲入名都
  19. 第十九回 嗟乎兴圣主 亦复苦生民
  20. 第二十回 空负安邦志 遂吟去国行



Yuan Chengzhi (袁承志) is the protagonist of the novel. Originally tutored in martial arts by Mu Renqing (穆人清) nicknamed "Divine Sword, Immortal Ape" (神劍仙猿), is the leader of the Mount Hua Sect and Yuan Chengzhi's master. His prowess in martial arts and swordplay is legendary. Yuan Chengzhi later inherited the Huashan Sect's greatest skill "Hun Yuan Gong" (混元功) from him. Yuan Chengzhi also had the privilege of being instructed in qinggong and anqi by Taoist Musang (木桑道长) of the Iron Sword Sect, a close ally of his master Mu Renqing. Upon his completion of his training and he was leaving Huashan Sect to join his fellow Huashan Sect seniors to support Li Zicheng (李自成) also known as Dashing King to overthrown the Later Ming Dynasty. His destiny had his life to cross path with the legacy of deceased legendary Golden Snake Warrior (金蛇郎君), Xia Xueyi (夏雪宜) in a remote cave and he later inherits the skills of Golden Snake Warrior and the legendary Golden Snake weapons by chance. Eventually turning him to be one of the most powerful martial artists in his era and a fine young hero, he strives to uphold justice and defend his native land from foreign invasion. At the end of the novel, he leaves China for good and sails to a distant land with his companions.

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