Qiu Qianzhang was the twin older brother of Qiu Qianren and a member of the Iron Palm Sect. He poses as his older brother, who is very well known and respected in the wulin to trick other people. However, his actual wugong is very low.

Serving Wanyan Honglie[]

Qiu Qianzhang poses as his brother to serve Wanyan Honglie, in an attempt to try and gain riches and glory. He first appears at Lu Chengfeng's manor after being summoned by Wanyan Honglie to save Yang Kang, who had been captured by Lu Chengfeng's pirates. He tried to intimidate the Guo Jing, Huang Rong and the other martial artists at the manor including Guo Jing's seven masters by posing as his brother Qiu Qianren. However, his cover is blown and he is eventually defeated by Guo Jing who used the wugong Hong Qigong taught him to defeat him. He is then flees.

Tricking the Quanzhen Seven[]

Qiu Qianzhang, posing as his brother is summoned again by Wanyan Honglie to stir trouble and chaos into the wulin community. He manages to trick the Quanzhen Seven into believing Huang Yaoshi killed their martial uncle Zhou Botong. This resulted in Quanzhen attempting to kill Huang Yaoshi to avenge their martial uncle. Since Huang Yaoshi was very proud and refused to explain anything to others, this stirred a lot of trouble.

Escape from Iron Palm Sect and death[]

Qiu Qianzhang eventually got dissatisfied with the fact that he wasn't receiving any rewards despite working for Jin for so long. As a result, he stole some of the treasure that Wanyan Honglie had brought and tried to escape from Iron Palm Sect. However, he encountered Guo Jing and Huang Rong (who had been injured by Qiu Qianren) and his cover is blown by Huang Rong. He later falls to his death from Iron Palm mountain.