Mongolia is a region to the North of the Song in Legend of the Condor Heroes home to many tribes until they are united by Genghis Khan. In Return of the Condor Heroes, Mongolia invades the Song under a new leader: Mongke. Their people love to wrestle, ride horses, and practice archery. They are nomadic and do not settle.

Enemies of Genghis Khan Edit

Ong Khan Edit

Ong Khan is the leader of the most powerful tribe of Mongolia and was Temujin's father's friend. When Temujin's father died, Ong Khan took Temujin in and helped him. Later, he attacks Temujin under the influence of Wanyan Honglie. Temujin gets revenge and chases him out. He is killed by the Naiman Tribe.

Sangkun and Dushi Edit

Sangkun is the son of Ong Khan and is lazy. He raises a pair of leopards. He envies Temujin.

Dushi is his son. He bullied Guo Jing and Tolui when he was young. He is disrespectful and spoiled. He was supposed to Khojin.

Jamuka Edit

Wanyan Honglie and Associates Edit

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