Linghu Chong (令狐沖): The hero of the novel. He was an orphan who was raised and taught by Yue Buqun. He is the senior disciple of Huashan Sect, and is a carefree happy-go-lucky fellow whose main loves in life are swordplay, drinking, and (beginning in the middle of the series) music. During the middle of an imposed exile by his master for his frivolous behaviour, he chances upon a cave, where he rediscovers the long lost techniques of all five of the allied schools and sects, along with countermeasures devised by elders of the Sun-Moon Cult, their sworn enemies. A chance meeting with a reclusive, formerly renowned Huashan grandmaster, Feng Qingyang, opens his horizons of swordsmanship and the martial world. Due to several incidents, he spends much of the novel forced to fight without the use of internal energy, using only sword techniques taught to him by the grandmaster. Using the 'Nine Swords Of Dugu' (獨孤九劍) skill taught by Feng Qingyang, Linghu Chong is able to defeat his enemies with total ease just by merely locating the weak areas of the particular skill he is fighting against and attacking it from there. His sudden improvement in skill aroused suspicion from many people, including his mentor, that he had possession of the Bixie Sword Manual and was in league with the Sun-Moon Sect. Combined with a misunderstanding when he was caught being together with some Jianghu lowlifes, Linghu Chong was expelled from the sect and became a target for members of the self-proclaimed righteous, orthodox sects, who believed he had learned and mastered the Bixie Swordplay. Later, he unknowingly learns Ren Woxing's most feared skill, ‘Star-Absorbing Skill’(吸星大法), which allows the user to drain enemies of their internal energy. Often misunderstood, he interacts with people based on the 'righteousness' of their actions rather than the 'righteouness' of their alignment, as he befriends an elder of the Sun-Moon Sect, Xiang Wentian and falls in love with Ren Yingying, the daughter of Ren Woxing.


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