Li MochouEdit

Li Mochou, also known as the Red Serpent Diety was a cold-blooded killer who many people feared in wulin. Her martial arts were very high and she was a disciple of the Ancient Tomb Sect.

Martial ArtsEdit

Fly Whisk Technique: Li Mochou's trademark kung fu. The fly whisk may be a soft weapon, but she is able to use it with extreme mastery. With her deep internal energy, her fly whisk can deal serious damage.

Divine Serpent Palm: This fierce palm technique was invented by Li Mochou when she roamed the martial realm. She can secretly emit poison behind the force of her palms and the only way to clear the posion lies within her Five Poison Codex.

Cold Moon Sword: One of the Ancient Tomb Sect's vicious sword techniques. Li Mochou used this sword technique against Lu Wushuang and Chen Ying. The sword will vibrate and this technique tricks a person by leading them into thinking that one should defend their upper part body, but leave the lower part vulnerable.

Ancient Tomb Sect Skills: Li Mochou was a student of the Ancient Tomb Sect and had learned most of the sect's kung fu such as the basic skills and advanced. Her lightness skills are extremly fast as she had learned the Ancient Tomb Sect's qigong.

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