Huang Rong ({黃蓉}) is one of the main characters alongside Guo Jing of The Legend of the Condor Heroes. The love interest and later, the wife of Guo Jing. She was recognised by nickname Rong'er (蓉兒) which she only allows her parents, Hong qi gong and Guo Jing address her by it. Her amazing photographic memory traits was much believed the hereditary result by her deceased mother, who died of memorizing the Nine Ying book under pregnancy, leading to brain fever and sudden death. Known for her spunky, quick-thinking and adorable nature; they more or less contribute in aiding her beloved future husband, Guo Jing in many aspects throughout their adventurous journey together. She played a major role as the female lead in The Legend of the Condor Heroes whilst a supporting role for the sequel, The Return of the Condor Heroes. Hence, her role in the first installment was written in a more likeable character compared to the latter during which sets in her middle age years of her endearing marriage life with Guo Jing. She also bears Guo Jing's children as the mother of Guo Fu and twins Guo Xiang and Guo Polu in the sequel.


Huang Rong was described to be a matchless beauty, with long waist-length black hair, snow-white skin, rosy cheeks, and a graceful body. She was so beautiful that even Ouyang Ke thought she outshone his entire harem of mistresses (each and everyone of whom was extremely beautiful) in beauty and charm.


Huang Rong has clever wits, and is good at making quick decisions. Her cheeky actions (sometimes a bit bratty) demonstrate her likableness to Guo Jing (from her beauty to her charms) and the hatred others have for her, mostly from people she tricked. She is also very conniving, which is demonstrated when she convinces Hong qi Gong to teach Guo Jing 15 out of the 18 moves in the Dragon Subduing Palms with her cooking. She is also skilled in secret weaponry, as she is very good at using items such as Emei needles to send quick and unnoticed attacks.

Although Huang Rong seems calm and collected, she is very frank in character, hating people openly, loving people openly. Despite her dislike of Hua Zheng, she helps her, revealing her big heart.