Heaven and Earth Great Shift (乾坤大挪移): The most powerful of all the Ming Cult's skills. It originated in Persia and later spread to China. The skill allows the user to trans-locate energy from one direction to another and redirect enemies' attacks elsewhere. This skill also allows the practitioner to sense the energy flow in himself/herself and opponents, thus gaining a better understanding of external martial arts. One example is when Zhang Wuji managed to learn Kongxing's 'Dragon Claw Hand' after watching him use it once. The skill's manual is written in a special ink on a piece of lamb's skin and the words will only be revealed when the skin is soaked in blood. The skill is extremely difficult to master and requires decades of practice to progress from one level to the next. The practitioner must also have a very strong inner energy foundation and extreme focus when practicing it or he/she will sustain internal injuries and die. Only the leader of the cult is allowed to learn the skill. The skill has one important drawback: it can only redirect attacks when the energy powering it is greater than that of the opponent.

Used By:

Zhang Wuji

Yang Dingtian