The Five Greats are the top five martial artists in Jin Yong's wulin or martial arts community who are selected through a martial arts competition on Mount Hua.  In Legend of the Condor Heroes, the Five Greats consist of Ouyang Feng (Western Venom), Hong Qigong (Northern Beggar), Huang Yaoshi (Eastern Heretic), Yideng (Southern Emperor), and Wang Chongyang (Central Divine). But in Return of the Condor Heroes, a new generation Five Greats are introduced. The only members of the previous generation who remain alive and retain their titles are Huang Yaoshi and Yideng while the other positions are filled by Guo Jing (Northern Hero) instead of Hong Qigong, Zhou Botong instead of Wang Chongyang (Central Imp), and Yang Guo instead of Ouyang Feng (Western Eccentric).

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