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August 2006Edit

August 8, 2006Edit

Added a few small articles here and there, nothing big though.

August 4, 2006Edit

The Article on The Return of the Condor Heroes has been added.

July 2006Edit

July 31, 2006Edit

Articles on Chen Xuanfeng, the Seven Masters of Quanzhen, Guo Jing, and the 18 Dragon Subduing Palms have been added.

July 27, 2006Edit

Progress continues on novel pages. Articles on Wang Chongyang, Mei Chaofeng, and Quanzhen have been completed. However, additional information is welcome.

July 26, 2006Edit

Wuxia Wiki is created. Work has begun on a Jin Yong bio and his 15 novels. Gu Long bio will be worked on afterwards.