Carefree Sect

This sect doctrine is " Riding on heaven and earth, governing the 6 elements, roaming endlessly, that is carefree."(Chapter 31 ) It top martial arts include Divine Skill of Northen Darkness, Graceful Step upon the Waves, Six Solar Palms of TianShan, Plum Breaking Hand of TianShan, and Eternal Youth of Never Ageing Skill.

This sect also is known for its specialty in mechanism and traps. In addition, Wu Yazi have many miscellaneous skill such as zither,chess, calligraphy, painting, medicine, divination and astrology, arts, crafts, finance and commerce, plants and pottery Chapter 30 . He lied down the rule to two of his disciple Su XingHe and Ding ChunQiu that anybody wish to be the next leader must compete in all these skill.