Blade Dance of the Two Lovers (also known as "Mandarin Duck Blades") was the second wuxia novella by Jin Yong. It was serialised in the Hong Kong newspaper Ming Pao between 1st May 1961 and 31st May 1961.

Background Edit

The title of the novella refers to 1) a pair of legendary sabers known as the "Mandarin Duck Blades" which are believed to hide a priceless secret to the martial world and 2) an obscure martial art known as the "Couple's Saber Method" that allows two people to fight side by side, where the stances of each partner cover for the weakness in the other's.

Plot Edit

Set in the Qing Dynasty, the story follows the fate of the precious sabers as a highly skilled Imperial bodyguard named Zhuo Tianxiong attempts to transport them to the Forbidden City under the protection of a security escort agency. When various parties attempt to hijack the shipment, the blades end up in the unlikely hands of two couples: Lin Yulong and Ren Feiya and Yuan Guannan and Xiao Zhonghui. As they are pursued by Zhuo Tianxiong, the senior couple of Lin and Ren are injured and then forced to teach the younger couple of Yuan and Xiao the "Couple's Saber Method" so that they can make use of the Mandarin Duck Blades and escape Zhuo Tianxiong.

The story then shifts to Zhuo Tianxiong's pursuit of Yuan Guannan and Xiao Zhonghui. When the latter's family are drawn into the fight and a tragic tale is unfolded that involves her father, Xiao Banhe, and his wife Madam Yuan. With the fight for the blades reaching its peak, the characters are forced to face harsh truths and the secret to the precious sabers is finally revealed.

Characters Edit

  • Yuan Guannan
  • Xiao Zhonghui
  • Zhuo Tianxiong
  • Lin Yulong
  • Ren Feiyan
  • Xiao Banhe
  • Madam Yuan
  • Madam Yang
  • Zhou Weixin
  • "Four Heroes of Taiyue"
    • Xiaoyaozi
    • Chang Changfeng
    • Hua Jianying
    • Gai Yiming
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